Club Wyndham

Club Wyndham is the home of the majority of Wyndham timeshares and is popular because of the amount of flexibility it provides to owners. One of the leading timeshare points programs, Club Wyndham Plus is a floating points-based system that allows owners to exchange their points within the Wyndham resort family. Whether you buy your Wyndham timeshare on the resale market or directly from the developer, you will be enrolled in the Club Wyndham program (with the exception of the few Wyndham fixed-weeks timeshares you’ll find on the resale market). There are two types of memberships available on the secondary market*: Club Wyndham Select and Club Wyndham Access.

*Club Wyndham also includes the Presidential Reserve program, which is only sold by the developer and is not available on the resale market.

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Club Wyndham Select

Club Wyndham Select is the standard membership. This type of Club Wyndham timeshare is a deeded points-based program tied to an individual home resort that provides owners with a floating use right. As a Club Wyndham Select timeshare owner, you can buy a certain number of points at an individual Wyndham resort. You can then use these points at many other Wyndham resorts. Resort location, unit size, and season all determine the number of points needed to reserve time at any resort.

Club Wyndham Access

This program allows owners to purchase points that they can use at 42 resorts around the world. Club Wyndham Access members are not tied to a home resort, and have the ability to make reservations up to 13 months in advance.

Club Wyndham Membership Benefits

As a Club Wyndham Plus member, you’ll enjoy wonderful benefits, including:

With a Club Wyndham timeshare, you’ll have the chance to vacation in some of the world’s most desirable destinations. Contact one of our Wyndham timeshare resale specialists today at 1-866-942-1596 to learn more, or search available Club Wyndham timeshares for sale now.