Timeshare Points Programs

Also referred to as vacation club memberships, a points-based timeshare ownership is a system in which owners receive a specific allowance of points each year rather than a fixed week. Owners then use these points to exchange for accommodations at a variety of in-network resorts. Points operate similarly to traditional timeshares because they are typically tied to a specific usage season. Points-based ownerships, however, provide more flexibility by allowing owners to book their retreat during any time of the year, as well as enjoy shorter stays in larger units—or vice versa.

Timeshare points ownerships can be either deeded or Right-To-Use (RTU). If your vacation club membership is deeded, you own the timeshare for life (or until you decide to sell it). If you own a RTU timeshare, your ownership of those points expires after a set number of years. Club Wyndham memberships, for example, are deeded properties.

There are several great resort brands that offer flexible points programs. Learn more about them by clicking on one of the links below, or find out exactly how to buy a timeshare to enroll in one of these spectacular points programs today.

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